Corporate Social Responsibility

Livelihood Generation

Over one-third population of Pakistan surviving below the poverty line and they are unable to afford the basic needs for their survival including food.  To eliminate poverty, it is necessary to create livelihood opportunities on sustainable basis for the people living below the poverty line as it will enable them to fulfill basic need of life i.e. food, health and shelter. 

Flood Relief & Rehabilitation

As a national company and major stakeholder in sustainable development and growth in the country, PPL has always played a proactive role in times of national emergencies. During 2010 to 2014 when different parts of the country were hit by heavy rains, the company moved forward to generously support affected communities.

Sui Field Hospital

Sui Field Hospital (SFH) constructed and operated by PPL for provision of healthcare facilities to its employees in 1956 however, population of surrounding communities i.e. 40% of total annual turnout is also provided free of cost healthcare facility at SFH.


If development efforts are to be sustainable, stakeholders must have the necessary educational background to take the work forward without external intervention. This is precisely the thinking underpinning Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)’s CSR Programme and the reason behind its emphasis on promoting education and learning through formal and informal channels.