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Specific Guidelines for Employees on Harassment

Harassment is a type of discrimination that can take several forms such as:


Based at the head office, the Purification Department provides technical and logistical support to the Sui Purification Plant for supply of uninterrupted purified gas to customers in conformity with quality parameters defined in the Gas Sales Agreement.


Projects Function plays a key role in meeting Pakistan Petroleum Limited’s objective of achieving production targets to provide its part for meeting country’s energy demand by brining-in producible hydrocarbons to consumers through field development projects.

The function possesses state-of-the-art design and engineering and project management tools enabling it to streamline and efficiently perform its activities.

Corporate Planning

Corporate Planning (CP) is responsible for the management of business strategy for Pakistan Petroleum Limited. CP oversees the annual corporate planning cycle and engages key business units through monthly management reviews to ensure that the strategy is implemented and desired results are achieved. 

The department is further tasked with coordination between different departments through a centralized plan, progress monitoring and quarterly board updates on the management’s balanced scorecard. 

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications (CC) is responsible for fulfilling all outreach requirements to project a positive image of the company among stakeholders, including communities living in or around operational areas, government and media.

Moin Raza Khan

Moin Raza Khan

Deputy Managing Director (Exploration/ Business Development)

Masroor Ahmad

Masroor Ahmad

General Manager Human Resources

Ahmad has a Master’s degree from the Institute of Business Administration and 30 years of wide experience in human resources management.

Kamran Wahab Khan

Kamran Wahab Khan

Chief Financial Officer

Khan is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales since 1984 and has over 30 years of professional experience in management positions in the manufacturing and oil and gas sectors in Pakistan and abroad.  

Saquib H. Shirazi

Saquib H. Shirazi