Corporate Profile

Drilling and Well Engineering

Owing to the recent successes in exploration, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) is geared towards an aggressive work programme which has opened up new prospects for drilling and well engineering activities. To this end, PPL ‘s five-year plan involves increasing drilling of both exploration and development wells in all assets across Pakistan.

Internal Audit

Strong internal controls are an integral part of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)’s corporate governance structure which enables the company to work efficiently towards the best interest of its stakeholders. To this end, PPL’s Board of Directors has set up an independent Internal Audit (IA) function headed by a General Manager, which reports to the Chairman of the Board Audit Committee and obtains operational support from the company’s Chief Executive Officer.


Pakistan Petroleum Limited has received numerous awards in recognition of its contribution on various fronts:

Banks, Auditors & Shares Registrar



Allied Bank Limited
Askari Bank Limited
Bank Al Habib Limited
Bank Alfalah Limited
Dubai Islamic Bank 

Core Areas & Support Departments

Management Team

Board Committees

The Pakistan Petroleum Limited Board has established seven committees for effective governance of the company. The composition, role and responsibilities of these committees are clearly highlighted in their respective Terms of References.

Code of Conduct

It is a fundamental policy of the company to conduct its business with honesty, integrity and in accordance with the highest professional, ethical and legal standards. The company has adopted a comprehensive Code of Conduct (codes) for members of the Board of Directors and employees. The code defines acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, provides guidance to Directors/ employees in specific situations that may arise and foster a culture of honesty, accountability and high standards of personal and professional integrity.