Corporate Profile

Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Engineering (RE) employs a multidisciplinary approach by using available technologies to maximize recovery and add value to the company’s hydrocarbon assets.

Administration & Corporate Communication


Administration is a key support department, providing diverse services for Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)’s physical infrastructure and staff based in head office and West Wharf. The department is responsible primarily for travel arrangements, logistics and office maintenance as well as regulating facilities and entitlements in accordance with MPT Staff Rules of Service, Corporate Policy and Head Office and West Wharf Administration Manual.

Field Operations

Field Operations (FO) is responsible for uninterrupted production and supply of natural gas from the company’s wholly owned and operated Sui and Kandhkot gas fields. The department develops strategies for optimizing gas production by ensuring capacity of wells and surface facilities. Besides, the department also serves as a communication and support link between the fields, head office and external stakeholders.

Production Technology

Production Technology Department (PT) is staffed with qualified and experienced professionals from petroleum engineering. The department employs state-of-the-art industry standard software, including PROSPER, GAP and Well Cat, to execute assignments.


Procurement plays a pivotal role in ensuring timely availability of materials and services to maintain smooth operations.

All procurements are governed by Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) Rules 2004. The department follows stringent procedures to promote healthy competition and ensure transparency. Approved by the Board of Directors, these procedures are designed to ensure best purchasing practices to fast-track company’s operations.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is enabling its stakeholders to add value to their strategic and operational activities by proactively facilitating them to enhance organizational performance, governance and innovation using secure and reliable IT systems through adoption of latest technology solutions in line with the corporate strategy.

To this end, Pakistan Petroleum Limited uses SAP as a platform for strategic and operational decision-making by facilitating the alignment of business processes with industry’s best practices.

Monitoring & Inspection

The Monitoring and Inspection (M&I) Department was established in 2005 for Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) of technical and administrative operations, works performance and procurement. The department monitors compliance of PPL-operated assets with company specifications, institutional and industry standards targeted to achieve Total Quality Management.

Drilling and Well Engineering

Owing to the recent successes in exploration, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) is geared towards an aggressive work programme which has opened up new prospects for drilling and well engineering activities. To this end, PPL ‘s five-year plan involves increasing drilling of both exploration and development wells in all assets across Pakistan.