Corporate Profile

Lands & Licenses

The Land and Licensing Department is responsible for meeting statutory requirements of land acquisition and issuance/renewal of various Licences.  Land acquisition, both temporary and permanent, can either be accomplished under the provisions of Land Acquisition Act 1894 or by direct negotiations with land owners. The process of acquisition is highly tedious and time consuming however efficient management and effective strategy of the department is facilitating the company to acquire land on economic terms and facilitate exploration and production operations

Community Development

Community Development (CD) is responsible for identification, planning and implementation of social development projects and welfare initiatives under Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme in and around its operational areas. In response to PPL’s steady growth and outreach, the company’s CSR portfolio currently includes education, healthcare, water supply, infrastructural development, post-disaster rehabilitation and skill development for livelihood generation.


The Directorate of Chief Financial Officer comprises of two functions: Finance and Enterprise Risk Management. The role of Finance is further bifurcated into three areas, Assets Operations (Finance), Corporate Finance and Treasury and Shared Services. A brief description of the roles and responsibilities of each function is given below.


Assets Operations provides direct support to assets regarding finance and business related matters.


One of the major challenges for an Exploration and Production company is to continually replace, and ideally enhance, its reserves. As the core area of the company, Exploration carries out petroleum prospectivity evaluations of sedimentary basins through Geological and Geophysical (G&G) surveys to determine potential of hydrocarbons for the purpose of submitting applications and bids for exploration licenses or scoping farm-in opportunities.

The Public Relations

The Public Relations (PR) Department is responsible for fulfilling all the corporate communication needs of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) and projecting a positive company image with all stakeholders, including external publics and media.

Business Development

Business Development (BD) provides support to management in identifying, evaluating and finalizing potential business opportunities in the energy sector in line with the company’s vision to create value while maintaining commercial focus.

The department facilitates the management in aggressively pursuing reserves acquisition and scope out business diversification opportunities both locally and internationally. Feasibility studies for special projects are being carried out to assess possibilities for prospective business expansion.

Design & Construction

The Design and Construction (D&C) Department is equipped to provide support on multidisciplinary fronts. The department’s primary responsibility is to provide technical project management services and back-up to PPL’s operating departments, including Field and Joint Operations, Drilling Operations, Compression Projects and Bolan Mining Enterprises.

Health, Safety & Environment

The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Department functions as the monitoring and advisory arm of PPL to ensure adherence to international HSE standards by employees, contractors and visitors at all company locations and operational areas.

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) is responsible for implementing an effective strategy for recruiting and retaining the best available human resource, allocating competitive compensation packages based on regular market surveys, performance management, capacity building of staff and providing medical services. HR follows a transparent, merit based recruitment system for all categories of employment.