Corporate Profile

Security & Lands

Security and Lands provides the basic ground for initiating exploration and production functions of the company. Lands and Licences acquires the required area for exploration while Security ensures risk free and peaceful working environment. Efficient functioning of the two departments is crucial for attaining company’s objectives. 

Reservoir Modelling

Reservoir Modelling Group (RMG) is a specialist technical group developed under the umbrella of Technical Services to create value for Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) assets through integrated subsurface studies with the primary focus on reservoir simulation.


Construction Department (CD) executes relevant projects of all assets/functioning departments in the engineering disciplines, including civil, mechanical and electrical for ensuring the continuity of business activities, customer requirements and satisfaction.

CD is certified for ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. A fully-equipped Drawing Section also works under CD’s domain.

Project Execution & Engineering Design

Projects Execution

Projects Execution team is equipped with planning, mechanical and Electrical and Instrument engineers to handle a project right from the inception until its handing over to the asset, meeting specifications and production targets within scheduled time and budget.


Geo-Services provides technical support to Exploration and other assets in the following disciplines with over 30 staff working in six different technical disciplines. :

Exploration Frontier

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) is leading hydrocarbon exploration in geologically complex frontier basins of Pakistan, where state-of-the-art technologies and expertise are being applied to identify new play concepts and overcome several challenges such as security, infrastructure, remoteness, terrain, difficult seismic data acquisition and optimum subsurface imaging for delineation of hydrocarbon bearing traps.