Technical Services

The Technical Services Directorate provides significant, value-added support for bringing a drillable prospect, if turning into a discovery, to commercial production through a series of well-planned, integrated and cost effective operations carried out by its various functions. These include Drilling and Well Engineering, Production Technology, Projects and Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

(QHSE) functions staffed with multifaceted, qualified teams of drilling, reservoir, petroleum, mechanical, civil and environmental engineers as well as from other disciplines.

Once a drillable prospect is identified by Exploration Directorate/ Asset, in case of a development well, Technical Services comes into play with Drilling and Well Engineering team designing a cost effective and safe drilling plan to enable the well to produce optimum quantity of estimated hydrocarbons while keeping the provision and flexibility for future interventions. This is done in collaboration with Reservoir Modelling and Production Technology teams to evaluate the reservoir’s potential and average rate of production over a period of time while providing the means to enhance production such as acidizing, hydraulic fracturing as well as horizontal and multilaterals drilling.

Subsequently, Projects takes over the task of bringing hydrocarbons from the well head to end- costumers through a series of efficient, cost-effective and safe operations, including planning, procurement, development and installation of production facilities and supply lines, for optimizing value chain.

The directorate also ensures that all company operations are carried out in line with international health and safety standards for employees and contractors as well as restricting the environmental footprint through its dedicated QHSE function.